Acrylic 6.5" x 4.5" Album with Graduation Title


This black Acrylic  6.5" x 4.5" Album makes a fantastic DIY scrapbook project. It was designed for my Graduation Scrapbook and includes an acrylic Class of 2024 title. However, this album can be used for ANY theme and makes a perfect keepsake for photos of family, friends, birthdays, vacations, different seasons, or holidays! It was designed by Traci Penrod.

The album has two high quality 1/8" thick black acrylic covers, 2 binding rings, an acrylic Class of 2024 title, and 8 white cardstock pages that include 2 plain pages, 4 fold-out pages, & 2 pocket pages that have pre-punched binding holes.

Optional: you may want a 1/4" corner rounder for the paper that you'll add to the covers. You will also need a standard 1/4" hole punch for punching the binding ring holes in the pattern paper you add.

The acrylic pages will arrive with a brown paper masking on them. This helps protect the acrylic during cutting & shipping. Here's a tip for removing it easily ... use duck tape or gorilla tape on the corner of the masking and simply peel back. 

Note:  I've added 2 photos of my Graduation project that uses this acrylic album. The instructions for this album are sold separately and available to purchase in my shop HERE.

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